Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

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We have been working with remote interpretation in our field for quite some time now.

How does RSI work?

In remote meetings, participants communicate via the internet, the cloud or fibre-optic connections. One or more audio channels are added to this communication. The interpreters receive the audio and video of the meeting and translate simultaneously. Their signal is then added to the meeting. The participants are given a choice between different languages.

The meeting environment

You may have been working with video conferencing systems such as BlueJeans, Cisco Webex Meetings or GoToMeeting for years. You may have just started working with Microsoft Teams or Zoom. You may not have a particular preference for a particular platform, as long as there is translation. Congrestolken will help you facilitate interpretation into multiple languages.

What does it take?

Just as for the participants, a good connection is crucial for the interpreters. This goes for the internet connection, but also the audio and video signal. Congrestolken works with technical partners in order to optimise the technical side of interpretation. We work with so-called “hubs”: an interpreting booth with a perfect connection (with backup) and technical support.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation requires interpreters who can perform under the additional pressure of a remote environment. Our conference interpreters are trained in Remote Simultaneous Interpretation and interpret remotely in live press conferences, presentations and meetings.

Confidentiality and security

Existing platforms for remote interpreting services and videoconferencing are secure. Our technical partners also have options for meetings that require additional security measures.

Bespoke solutions

We prefer to work with hubs. The hub is usually located at the technical partner’s premises, allowing the technicians to guarantee the quality of the connections. Should the “hub” solution not be an option for you, we can look into the possibility of having the interpreters work from home, from a specially equipped room.

Do you have a “simple” meeting that requires consecutive translation? Are you used to whispering interpreters with tour-guide systems and are the solutions described above too cumbersome? Do not hesitate to get in touch with our staff for a tailor-made solution.

On location or remotely, Congrestolken provides seamless communication.

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