Why work with Congrestolken?

Audience with headphones listening to simultaneous interpretation
  • Our interpreters have the AIIC “seal of approval” – the best quality available globally. They are bound by the AIIC Professional Standards and the AIIC Code of Professional Ethics.
  • Our interpreters have a wealth of experience with any imaginable kind of meeting, from intimate and informal ones to big events at the highest international level, and know how to deport themselves accordingly.
  • Strict confidentiality rules are an integral part of the AIIC Code of Professional Ethics.
  • Our interpreters are academically trained and have a broad knowledge of various subjects.
  • Extensive preparation for your specific event is guaranteed.
  • We will take care of all the technical equipment for you.
  • Congrestolken is a co-operation founded and run by the interpreters themselves. We are a non-profit.
  • Congrestolken is one of the first language service providers to be ISO certified for conference interpretation. We are also certified for